Our method of payments is by credit card. 

The credit cards accepted are Visa and Mastercard

Security of personal information

Avizoo takes the security and protection of personal information seriously. Avizoo takes the technical, contractual and administrative measures and necessary materials for protecting personal information the User provides, including the encryption of a secure exchange (Secure Socket Layer – SSL) at 128 bits, when required. While it is impossible to guarantee full protection and that Avizoo cannot be held responsible in the event of theft, illegal use or unauthorized divulging, loss, alteration or destruction of the personal information by a third party, Avizoo has adopted rigorous methods with strict security standards to ensure the protection of personal information.

Employees of Avizoo who have access to this information may only use it in compliance with the principles set out in this Privacy Policy as well as in the applicable laws and regulations.

In order to protect the integrity of data transmitted when submitting your payment online, Avizoo has put in place a number of security measures. All transactions performed are numbered at 128 bits when transferring between the intermediary of the payment and your computer. Each session is automatically deactivated once the transaction is complete. Despite this, do not leave a session open without surveillance. Always close your screen or your declaration session before abandoning the computer, even if you plan on returning in a few minutes.